A week ago I got a message from one of my closest friends that said, "Anyway you can go to Embark in Norfolk on Friday?".  I gave her some excuses but fortunately she is a relentless human being and I knew my self-doubt laden defense would not satisfy her.  So, I asked my husband if he could take the day off work to watch the kids while I attended this all day conference.  For sure he would say, "I need more than 3 days notice, so no".....but he didn't.  He said yes, let's all go.  With my family at my back and one friend at the conference holding her hand out to me, I set out to Embark.    

Let me back up for a minute and tell you that Embark is a conference for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs focused on education and empowerment.  The event is put on by The Milspo Project, a nonprofit group.  This powerhouse of a group has put together a huge network of spouses in a very short period of time.  I mean, The Milspo Project is younger than my son and they are already on their 3rd conference! 

I started my business with nothing more than a talent for handmade and a need to do something to flex my brain muscle.  In the last 6 months it has grown into so much more for me!  At Embark, I had the privilege of listening to some truly inspiring military spouses talk about finding success and fulfillment in their companies that only made me crave more growth.  I heard about grit, service, persistence, communication, authenticity, strength, balance, and intentionality.  Look at those words....who wouldn't come home ready to roll up some sleeves and dig deeper into work!?!

The conference passed by in a flash.  I think I leaned forward and had a grin on my face the entire time.  I am so grateful to the people that got me there (Lauren, Bix, kids) and the people that made it happen (The Milspo Project, Amy).  I met the folks of businesses that I really look up to like R. Riveter, MadSkills, InDependent , Millie and new ones that I am now following like Dr. Patrice J. Carter , Corie Weathers  , Fleur De Lis Fitness, Germono Advertising Agency .  The conference wasn't all business....I managed to make some friends along the way.  I can hardly wait until next year's 4th Annual Embark.