Commissioned Quilts

I have had the opportunity to serve some really amazing clients.  I have heard their stories and put them down in fiber to be held, cherished, and enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond.  Is a commissioned quilt for you?  Well, let's talk about it....

A commissioned quilt can be deeply personal; it can represent any facet of your life from the topical enjoyments to the intimate details.  It can be styled to help you achieve your interior design goals or to remind you of your sweet grandmother.  It can be a gift for the start of a new life, in celebration of a life lived, or just because.  Materials can be selected to make the quilt suit your lifestyle, colors chosen to speak to you, and a design to speak of you.

If I were to put myself in your shoes, I would get pretty overwhelmed by the thought of commissioning a quilt.  The good news is, you don't have to be.  When you contact me to discuss a custom order, I will ask you a lot of questions that will help guide the way.  With your feedback, I will show you sketches and make fabric suggestions for you to approve.  Together, we will design your extra special something.  

Many folks ask me what my prices are and the answer is, there is no set pricing chart.  There are many variables that go along with pricing a commissioned work; the main elements are size, materials, and degree of difficulty/time.  It is ok to contact me to ask me for ball parks!  I would much rather we have a quick chat than for you to hold back from your something special because of a cost mystery.  

There are many special occasions where a quilt would make the perfect thoughtful gift.  Do keep the element of time in mind.  I make every quilt by hand and that just takes time.  Currently my production time is about 6-8 weeks but that estimate depends on my real time workload.  If there is a holiday on the horizon that you are thinking of, like a birthday, Mother's Day, or a baby shower, you are best to start a conversation with me as soon as you can to play it safe.  

A quilt that is undeniably yours can be such a meaningful element in your household.  Just the feel of it can send a thrill right up your fingers and make your heart sing.