How to Order a Commissioned Quilt

I want to order a commissioned quilt but I know nothing about it, the choices seem overwhelming, and what if I commission the wrong thing and I don't like it?  

Sound familiar?  I get it, having something custom made whether it is a piece of furniture, a piece of art, or a piece of clothing is enormous and the pressure drives you to uncertainty. still really want something that is uniquely yours.  Taking the first step to commissioning anything takes a lot of personal confidence and/or bravery!

When I begin communicating with a client on their order, I ask them a ton of questions that leads to the dialogue I need to come up with their perfect design.  Today, I will share those questions with you so that you can dream up your perfect quilt and go boldly into the process.

1.  Do you have inspiration?

  • Are you trying to emulate something you have seen before or something that is meaningful to you? Does this commemorate a special occasion, like a wedding? 
  • Do you have a picture of your inspiration you can share?
  • Do you want your quilt to tell a story?  What are the main subjects of the story that you want represented?

2.  How do you see yourself using it?

  • Do you have a specific plan for the quilt?  Is it going on a bed or in a particular room?
  • Is this more of a "utility" quilt that isn't tied to the design or color scheme of any one room in your house.

3.  What is your personal style?

  • You may already know your style...what is it?  Are you mid-century modern, industrial, traditional, minimalist, beachy, bohemian, Scandinavian, farmhouse?
  • Do you have a certain designer or blog that you just love?  Is Joanna Gaines your spirit animal or do you swoon over every shot you see of Ina Garten's gracious home?
  • If you are uncertain or feel like you are eclectic (like me) and want a clearer picture, take one (or all) of these personal style quizzes:  Emily Henderson, Laurel & Wolf, The Decorist

4.  What design do you think you want?

  • Do you want a modern art approach, a minimalist's approach, or more of a traditional quilt made up of repeating blocks?
  • Do you want bright bold colors in a certain scheme for an interior design motif or for a school or other affiliation? Or do you want neutrals to calmly slip into any design?
  • When you think in terms of fabric, do you like prints or solids?  I have a few online fabric stores that I love and shop frequently...check them out and take a look around.  { Hawthorne Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, ilovefabric } You just may find the fabric you just have to have featured in your quilt!

I'd be curious to know if you ran through these questions and the design quizzes I linked, would you come up with a vision for a quilt that you thought you wanted all along or would you come up with something completely different?  Years ago, when I went shopping for my wedding dress I thought for sure I wanted a pretty lace dress that sung romance and I ended up in a sleek satin modern A-line that was adorned with crystals (even though I told the consultant no way no how was I gonna wear crystals) as my perfect dress.

Your quilt is a very personal thing and I am always very grateful for the opportunity to make something so intimate for someone.  It is my goal that your quilt will speak of you and speak to you.  I want you to get a thrill in your fingertips and in your heart every time you see it and touch it.

Still have questions?  I'd love to hear them!